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Multi Purpose Sealant Solutions - Firestopping/Waterproofing

Interior Caulking & Sealant

Lockhart Sealant Ltd. prides itself on handling interior caulking workloads efficiently with top-quality aesthetics.

Properly sealing interior windows, bathrooms, kitchens, baseboards and cabinetry improves airflow and helps prevent water damage.

Exterior Caulking & Sealant

Windows, doorframes, and vents on the exterior of any building in Canada should have adequate industrial strength caulking products to ensure tight seals.

Water and Wind are powerful forces that whip away energy ratings and cause costly repair bills. Avoid these problems by hiring the experts at Lockhart Sealant to provide proper sealant and waterproofing applications.

Joint Sealing

Buildings are most vulnerable to water & wind damage at the joints.

With our best-in-class products and wide portfolio we can offer a custom-tailored solution for your joint sealing project.

Joint sealing amounts to a fraction of total construction costs on any large building project. In case of moisture infiltration, the cost of repairing damage is considerably higher than the initial installation price.

Waterproofing Membrane Application

Waterproofing membrane is an essential element for all parking garages, decks, patios and concrete walkways. 

Lockhart Sealant has experience applying waterproofing membrane to both residential and commercial buildings. 

Waterproofing membrane application techniques are developed over time and help Lockhart Sealant understand the unique requirements of each project where prep, priming and adhesion are concerned.


Firestopping Sprayfoam & Caulking

Ensure your project meets code and passes inspection with flying colors when you use Lockhart Sealant’s firestop installation services.

Our multi-component firestopping applications are designed to protect legacies and help save lives. 

We follow International Building Code parameters as outlined by the ICC’s Firestop Plan.


Building Envelope Waterproofing Systems

Lockhart Sealant Ltd. handles application of fully functional building envelope waterproofing systems to ensure moisture never infiltrates key structural components. Properly implemented waterproofing systems can mean a world of difference the larger a project becomes, we design a clear plan of action for each individual aspect of a full building envelope waterproofing project before proceeding with work to make sure our clients’ investments remain intact. 

Lockhart Sealant provides the following building envelope waterproofing services:

  • Industrial flooring
  • Basement waterproofing
  • Swimming pool waterproofing
  • Podium waterproofing
  • Terrace waterproofing
  • Water tank waterproofing
  • Exterior wall Protection

Lockhart Sealant firestopping and waterproofing applications save lives and preserve legacies.

Do you need fireproofing application for a seamless blend of your new installation or commercial/residential renovation?

This special service is almost an artform and if you’ve tried to apply caulking on your own then you know how detail-oriented a business it really is. 

Get it right the first time with quick, professional service when you take advantage of Lockhart’s +25 years of experience in waterproofing, membraning, interior/exterior caulking and sealant applications. 


We use a full range of high-quality products from top suppliers.

  • High Movement Capability
  • Outstanding Weather Ability
  • Best Price-to-Performance Ratios
  • Supreme Adhesion properties
  • Superior Insulation & Fire Protecction